Here is a petition for a Charter Amendment, six months to gather signatures.

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Latest from the Chronicle below;

Houston Community College offers a diverse range of classes, but apparently you have to sit on the Board of Trustees if you want to take courses in hand-to-hand combat. That elected board was the site of a fist fight after one trustee accused another of accepting bribes and kickbacks, according to allegations by HCC's former acting chancellor Renee Byas. (Have asked several Board Trustee going back to the creation of HCC not a one of them recalled a fist fight during a board meeting.)

Beyond the disregard for civic duty, these sorts of scandals risk undermining Chancellor Dr. Cesar Maldonado's plan to restructure the splintered community college system. The board needs to come clear on Byas' allegations, and it shouldn't have to take a lawsuit for taxpayers to learn the truth.

Byas originally divulged her first list of HCC wrongdoings in October 2014, when she countersued the community college after they cut her contract. At the time, she claimed that HCC trustees had tried to skirt procurement rules and divert public bond dollars to their own personal buddies and political supporters. When she refused to play along, Byas said, they pushed her out. (She was fired by Cesar Maldonado, does that mean Maldonado was doing the bidding of the trustees who wanted her out? If yes, does that mean Maldonado is now manipulating the procurement rules? According to Renee Byas?)

Her new allegations, part of the ongoing lawsuit, provide a disturbing list of collusion and kickbacks between trustees and contractors, such as:

Trustees texting with contractors before votes (How would she know who they are texting? Was she in communication with the contractors also?)

An HCC vendor treating a board member to a free Caribbean vacation on a private plane.(Not many vendors have their own private plane, so it must have been one of the big boys.)

Attempts to orchestrate a land-purchase kickback scheme.

And, yes, there's that fist fight.

The one-sided nature of these allegations, and the lack of specific identities associated with the acts, should garner some healthy skepticism. Intervening elections also mean that some of the involved board members may no longer hold office. However, Byas' stories fit with a long and sordid history of an HCC board that's been more enthusiastic about doling out contracts than educating students. (If HCC has such a sordid history why was the Chronicle supporting the HCC Bonds?)

In 2013, Trustee Carroll Robinson was accused of trying to direct a contract to an unqualified friend.(Not to long ago the Chronicle was singing praises of Carroll Robinson why the change of heart? Carroll Robinson as a trustee does not have the power to direct contracts, only the administration does. Robinson is only one vote it takes five to tango.) And back in 2010, an internal investigation known as the Veselka Report found that trustees violated their fiduciary duty by inappropriately directing contracts to family members, demanding kickbacks from vendors and failing to disclose relationships with subcontractors.

HCC bears a heavy duty of educating the next generation of Houstonians, but it will never succeed if its leaders have other goals in mind. (Not to long ago the Chronicle was singing praises of Carroll Robinson why the change of heart? Carroll Robinson. Source





Rumor unfounded

Zeph Capo is not resigning according to Zeph Capo. Thank you Mr. Capo for hopefully putting that rumor to rest, as you have probably found out by now the walls at HCC have ears and the gossip among employees is horrendous.

Morning thoughts on Renee Byas and the Chronicle Stories

Why did HCC choose to post those interrogatories as an exhibit? They knew they would be public records.

What other interrogatories does HCC have that may implicate other trustees or administrators, according to Renee Byas?

Is HCC using the old trick of pointing fingers elsewhere rather than at what one should be focusing on?

It makes no sense for HCC to submit those interrogatories as HCC wants to get a protective order for secrecy and under the present administration of Cesar Maldonado they have placed a wall between the public and themselves. So, again, why use those interrogatories as an exhibit?

Renee Byas and the FBI

Back some time ago, INSIDE published a rumor that was being circulated. One of them was that the FBI visited Richard Schechter, Mary Spangler, Art Tyler, and some trustees. Soon after the rumor Richard Schechter resigned as trustee, Mary Spangler resigned as chancellor, Art Tyler did not become chancellor, but Renee Byas did.

In the response to an interrogatory Renee Byas states that she received a call from the FBI but did not return the call. That is an interesting statement because normally when one is reporting alleged wrong doings one returns such calls. Maybe just maybe the FBI was not interested in other persons but rather on Ms. Byas. Just a morning thought.

INSIDE has been posting for years what Byas swore to and the Chronicle is just writing about
However the players are different

Here are articles going back to early 2012 when most of the alleged corruption was occurring. There is an interesting letter that was being circulated at the time, it can be found on date 12/6/2012.

Veselka Report - Chevron - Energy Contract - Westheimer Property - previous articles

The Veselka Report is the source of much of what Renee Byas claims, here are most of the interviews of the persons by Veselka.

Chris Oliver Ethics Violations

It seems that Chris Oliver had to pay a small fine for his record keeping, when time permits I need to go back to compare what is posted now with what was posted before. I have all of the trustees campaign reports, well most of them filed for safe keeping. Here is the ethics order.

have a great weekend



The Houston Chronicle is consistent - consistently bad, bad bad - HCC Story on Corruption

Probably the worse reporter at the Chronicle (Erica Mellon) wrote an article on HCC, here. There were eight trustees named, one of them has not been on the Board for six years, another was not there when Rene got fired. The reporter chose to list only one trustee by name. Why did the reporter go out of her way to attack one person only? Why did the reporter fail to state what the documents posted online referred to? Only the reporter knows the answer, but it is this writer's opinion that the reporter as well as the Houston Chronicle are sorely lacking in ethical behavior.

If you want to read the document (Exhibit A), from which the so called news report came, it can be found here. I have redacted Renee Byas email addresses.

One should look at the trustees not named

Interestedly much of what Byas alleged occurred in 2011-2012. It would seem if that the threats were real and she either cooperate with the trustees as they "Could help or hinder her career if I did or did not help" then it seems that she must have cooperated with some trustees. Since until recently Renee Byas was still at HCC and was Chancellor for about a year, so It would seem that she may have helped some trustees. One would think that maybe one should look at the trustees she did not name as the one that helped her in her career advancement to find where the corruption was occurring.


If Renee Byas knew all the things she claims to know why didn't she tell Veselka? Remember the Veselka report. In fact her statement to Veselka was, here. Where are were all the allegations she is referring to now? She may have been helping trustees but not the ones she was turning in. So who helped Renee Byas? What vendor has an airplane? Who went on that Caribbean trip? What three trustees were making money of the buying of property? I really want to know what trustee punched out the other trustee.

Allegations, allegations, allegations

Renee Byas made some serious allegations and HCC wants her to prove the allegations, provide names, places, material, etc. where is the meat!

The Chronicle's Erica Mellon does better the second time around.

Here is the most recent story by Erica Mellon.

Trustees punching each other in Executive Session

Oh my God, Byas just violated the worse rule according to HCC, she said what occurred in executive session. Everyone knows that only the gods at HCC are privy to what goes on in executive session.




Cesar Maldonado is not as bad as Art or Mary but

Here is how HCC Chancellor Cesar Maldonado has used his credit card, at present it seems he does not go out to eat as often as Art and Mary but certainly the Chancellor of Houston Community College does enjoy the finer restaurants in Houston. No Whataburgers for him either.

Latest on the Renee Byas Lawsuit

Excerpts from the latest filing, full document here.

Page 7 of document

For example, during her tenure as acting chancellor, Ms. Byas’s journal entries state:

 After she commenced the Gardere investigation into allegations that Mr. Robinson improperly influenced selection of a subcontractor, Mr. Robinson sought for Trustees to hold a no confidence vote against Ms. Byas. After learning of the investigation, Mr. Robinson called Ms. Byas and instructed her to fire the outside bond counsel who had informed others about the possible improprieties.

 Board of Trustees Chair Neeta Sane met with Ms. Byas in February 2014, and informed Ms. Byas that she did not like how HCC staff had evaluatedthe bond contract bids. Because Ms. Sane disagreed with HCC staff evaluations, Ms. Sane refused to place action items on the Board agenda that related to the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) contracts for the various bond projects.

 Ms. Byas forwarded a legal opinion from HCC’s bond disclosure counsel to Ms. Sane. After reading the opinion, Ms. Sane was angry and “asked [Ms. Byas] not to ever send something to her like this in writing again.” Ms. Sane wanted Ms. Byas to ask outside legal counsel to rescind the opinion. Ms. Byas refused. Ms. Sane then told Ms. Byas that she would not permit the bond procurement process to move forward.

 Ms. Sane and Mr. Oliver informed Ms. Byas that they “would not support” the bid evaluations performed by HCC staff because the evaluations did not award contracts to people in the Trustees’ districts.

 Ms. Byas repeatedly discussed the bond procurement process with outside legal counsel and sought his opinion. When Ms. Byas shared outside legal counsel’s opinion with Ms. Sane, the Board chair grew incensed. Ms. Sane hid the information from other Trustees.

 Ms. Byas attended a conference in Santa Fe with three trustees, who cornered her in the conference’s hotel lobby, “badger[ing]” her about changing the CMAR process. The discussion lasted until 12:20 AM. After the conversation, one trustee informed Ms. Byas that she needed to “take [her] lawyer hat off” and as acting chancellor cooperate with Trustees.


Have no reason to believe but there is a rumor that Chairperson Zeph Capo may be resigning, according to the people who have mentioned it the reason is that being in charge of the Teachers' union demands he spend more time with union matters. This writer has no reason to believe the rumor but it is certainly out there.


Why is the Cesar Maldonado administration so into secrecy???

The present administration does not like to release information. If there is nothing wrong with what is occurring why do they have to hide anything from the public? Why the secrecy? Are they hiding something? Do they think the public is too stupid to understand what they are doing so they have to hide it? Why do the trustees allow such secrecy? Is Renee Byas right about what occurred?


4.11.2015 Carroll Robinson Resigns Claims Mission Accomplished

Reminds me of George W. Bush. I am so glad to hear that Houston Community College is doing so great and that all the problems have been solved. Off course the people that I spoke with all said he must have made a deal with Jew Don Boney. Time will tell if that is true.

Carroll was one of the big pushers for the bonds, he told us that HCC was busting at the seams. HCC had more than enough capacity for the 50,000 students, not the 95,000 students that Carroll and HCC were claiming. Not a single brick has been laid and one hears that they already spent nearly one third of the bond money.

The Chancellor is making HCC better because now it will have "Centers of Excellence", good luck on that BS. Enrollment continues to decline at HCC, so they will do the old Wizard of OZ trick with smoke and mirrors and distract people. As is if students didn't have to drive all over Houston to attend classes they need for their degree, now he will probably make it worse. Maldonado is not familiar with Houston as he a small town boy so he doesn't have an idea of what is occurring at "his" colleges. In fact, I don't think there are too many people at HCC that have the slightest idea of what is happening. The Board of Trustees are either Dumb, Deaf, or Blind to what is occurring. One only has to look North and see Lone Star College increase enrollment while HCC grows smaller. Here are the latest numbers on enrollment.

Below is the Carroll Robinson letter:

Dear Chairman Capo:

I have been honored to represent the residents of District IV of the Houston Community College System (HCC) – as well as all the residents of the System’s service area – since 2012.

I want to thank the people of District IV for giving me the opportunity to serve them and to help make a positive difference in our community.

During my time on the Board of Trustees, I am proud to have championed passage of:

(1) the System’s 6th Grade Pre-Admission Program to help improve and increase college and workforce readiness across our community while reducing high school dropout rates;

(2) increased funding for student scholarships;

3) Texas Academic College Scholarship Day by the Texas Legislature in 2013 to acknowledge and celebrate academic achievement like we celebrate high school athletic achievement;

(4) strengthened ethic standards; and

(5) an enhanced commitment to utilizing small businesses and hiring HCC students as interns and apprentices on the HCC Bond Program. I am also proud of the focus I brought to improving the System’s graduation rate and enhancing the academic success and job placement of our students. I supported and pushed all these efforts to help ensure An Opportunity To Do Better for all the families, young people, employees, entrepreneurs and businesses in our

Now that these goals have been achieved, I will be stepping down from the Board of Trustees, effective April 30, 2015, to expand my efforts to Empower Houston’s Future through my campaign for City Controller.
Education is a cornerstone to a better life and a better city but so too are Safety, Opportunity and Prosperity. All four of these cornerstones need to be modernized and expanded in our city and that cannot be done from 3100 Main Street. It can only be done from City Hall.

I have enjoyed my service as an HCC Trustee and appreciate all those I have served and worked with. Thank you all for your commitment to our community and to all who have come (and will continue to come) to HCC for an education or workforce training.


Carroll G. Robinson



Inside has made several open records request, including how is the chancellor using his credit card. HCC knows that information is subject OT open records request. They, however, sent it to the Attorney General (AG). The AG told them to release the information. HCC is not releasing the information.

The question has to be asked, what are they hiding. What is HCC afraid off, that they do not want the public to know how the chancellor is using the tax issued credit card.


Rumor is that Adrian Garcia will announce for Mayor tomorrow. Garcia seems to be singing a different song recently, so inside will lay off him. He has no different attitude then some of the other people that are running for Mayor or who presently sit on council.




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